Headless Screws / Set Screws / Butt Welding Ends

Headless screws:Gewindestangen

  • Slotted headless screws with chamfered end EN 24766 (formerly DIN 551)
  • Slotted headless screws with point EN 27434 (formerly DIN 553)
  • Slotted headless screw with half dog point EN 27435 (formerly DIN 417)



  • Setcrew with slot and flat point DIN 427


Butt Welding Ends:Gewindestangen

  • Butt welding ends DIN 525
    Butt welding ends are elements for which the weldability are crucial. The weld-on ends can be made with a shank diameter = Thread diameter (solid shaft) or shank diameter = pitch diameter.
  • Double end